Smoke Control Systems Design Tool for Android

Smoke Control Design Tool based on BRE Report 368 "Design methodologies for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation".

Last update: Added flow of hot gases out of the room.

 Free Beta version available in Android Market


Free Android application published: Sprinkler Activation

Fire Engineering Tool for calculating the activation time of sprinkler heads below unconfined ceilings, based on DETACT-T2 from NIST.


Sprinkler Activation in Android Market

Simulex Post Processor Updated

New features include a bulk utility to change the colors of the simulation captures.

SCTEH Aparcamientos

Añadida una sencilla herramienta para comparar los requisitos de control de humos en aparcamientos conforme a UNE 23585 y DB-SI/DB-HS3.

Simulex Post Processor Basic Edition

Simulex Post-Processor is a third-party tool to process TXT result files from IES Simulex.

Simulex Post Processor